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    Black Rabbit Red's Birthday

    We toast one of our most popular Edgefield Winery vintages—Black Rabbit Red!

    Sunday, April 2
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    Black Rabbit Red's Birthday

    We toast one of our most popular Edgefield Winery vintages—Black Rabbit Red!

    Sunday, April 2

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McMenamins is now hiring!

Seasonal & Long Term, $1000 Bonus For Some Kitchen Positions

Seasonal & Long Term
$1000 Bonus For Some Kitchen Positions

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Who We Are

McMenamins has been a neighborhood gathering spot throughout Oregon and Washington since 1983. We handcraft our own beerwineciderspirits and coffee. We offer an eclectic mix of pubshistoric hotelsmovie theatersconcert venuesspasevents and just pure fun—join in!


  • McMenamins Breweries

    68,500+ Batches and Counting!

    McMenamins operates 25 breweries – the newest, located in Bothell, Washington opened in September 2015. Since our first brew in 1985, McMenamins has produced more than 68,000 batches.

    Discover our Breweries
  • Edgefield Winery

    Offering a wide selection of varietals

    Our Edgefield Winery crushes 350 tons of grapes annually to produce a range of bottled and draft wine — all offered throughout McMenamins eclectic neighborhood pubs and gathering spots in Oregon and Washington.

    Discover our Winery
  • Coffee Roasters

    Stop by for a cup o' joe!

    McMenamins approaches specialty coffee roasting with the same passion for attention to detail that we apply to our ales, wines and spirits. Our roast masters use only beans from the highest-quality coffea arabica species – plants that produce coffees of elegant, complex flavors.

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  • Distilleries

    Distillery tours are available

    One opened in 1998 at Edgefield in Troutdale, Ore., the other in 2012 at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in Hillsboro, Ore. Despite their age difference, both distilleries are now producing heavenly spirits of the highest order, from gins to whiskeys to brandies and more.

    Locations, recipes and more
  • Please pardon our dust...

    Please pardon our dust...

    We're adding 22 hotel rooms all with private bathrooms and air conditioning!  The new rooms are available to book now for stays beginning February 10, 2017. 
    Grand Lodge
  • Check out our Art

    Check out our Art

    Take a look at the incredible artwork that adorns our walls, ceilings, floors, doors and more at our pubs, breweries and hotels. Who thinks up this stuff? Who creates it? What is the inspiration? Originally, the artwork served a practical purpose – as Mike McMenamin puts it, "We had good-sized walls to cover." But over the course of twenty-plus years, the art evolved into an expression of the building's history, the company's mission and of McMenamins itself.
  • History


    Our goal is to keep the past in the present, to celebrate and connect us all with the people and events that have helped define each McMenamins property. To that end, we research, interview and compile materials to identify and commemorate our properties and their surroundings.