Thursday, August 19, 2021

This is a virtual event

Virtual Race Talks:

Your Privilege Is Showing: How to Be a Better Ally by Dismantling Performative Activism

Kennedy School

Newcomer Welcome 6:45pm; Program 7pm

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All ages welcome

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This is event is not physically being held at Kennedy School. As a Race Talks partner and host of live events, McMenamins is proud to support Race Talks and all their events, whether being held virtually or in person.

About Virtual Race Talks: Your Privilege Is Showing: How to Be a Better Ally by Dismantling Performative Activism

Virtual Race Talks: Your Privilege Is Showing: How to Be a Better Ally by Dismantling Performative Activism

*This is a virtual event.*

On June 2, 2020, millions of participants from all over the world flooded social media with profile pictures and photos of a black square in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM). During the #TheShowMustBePaused event, also called "Blackout Tuesday," the hashtag "#BlackLivesMatter" was simultaneously co-opted by participants. This was problematic because protestors using the BLM hashtag to directly document police brutality they were experiencing were being washed out by the influx of black squares. Following Blackout Tuesday, many white people and corporate enitites returned to their normal lives and business as usual--satisfied with their anti-racist efforts. This experience renewed the discussion of Performative Activism: activism based in increasing one's social, political, and financial capital rather than uplifting marginalized communities and actively combating oppression.

For over a decade, RACE TALKS participants have asked us, ‘What can I do to be a better ally to the communities that I am not a part of?' This is a question we've explored in many of our forums. We've come to understand that while white people are most often scrutinized for their performative activism, the reality is that anyone is capable of it.

The 2021 RACE TALKS Summer Series revisits past forums focusing on:

  • Allyship vs performative activism
  • Insight on updated models of how to dismantle performative activism
  • Be an accomplice in eradicating white supremacy and racism

The 2021 RACE TALKS Summer Series is a virtual workshop experience that will guide you through your own discussion group with friends and family. When you register for this series, RACE TALKS will send you a link to this pre-recorded workshop. Visit to sign up; registration is required for this event. Once registered, RACE TALKS will send out an email on August 19th around 6:45 pm (PST) with instructions on how to view the pre-recorded forum.

We've set this series up to allow you to host your own RACE TALKS discussion group in July and August. We encourage you to invite 5-10 of your friends and family to take part in this experience with you. There are many ways to enjoy this experience: host an intimate in-person gathering, OR host a Zoom virtual party, OR a hybrid of both. . If you missed the first part of our Summer Series, you have until August 18th to access our July Forum.

About Race Talks

For over a decade, RACE TALKS has been a resounding success in Portland, Oregon, offering monthly community forums on various topics through the lens of race. RACE TALKS has presented over 150 forums to 20,000+ participants. This was possible through our partnership with Portland-based McMenamins, which afforded us a monthly venue every 2nd Tuesday of the month at its Kennedy School location.

Due to COVID, RACE TALKS rolled out a virtual forum in June 2020, which meets every 3rd Thursday of the month. While we have taken an almost year-long hiatus from in-person programming, we are happy to announce that McMenamins is now a sponsor of our virtual forums. We encourage our virtual attendees to grab some cajun tots and a pint to-go. Stay tuned for our return to in-person programming at McMenamins Kennedy School!