Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Randy Hansen (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)

Randy Hansen (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)

Jimi Hendrix tribute is one of the few players officially recognized by the Hendrix family, he has been successfully doing his act since the '70s, stunning audiences worldwide as he channels the spirit of Jimi and perfectly recreates the stage presence and skill of the legendary axeman.


About Janis Lives (Janis Joplin Tribute)

Janis Lives (Janis Joplin Tribute)

Is the ultimate tribute to the blues-soaked, 60’s counter-culture icon. Sherrie "Vox" Johnson delivers the dulcet melodies and atom-splitting howls with equal skill and conviction. You may very well find yourself checking your phone to make sure it is not 1972.


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