Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Whiskey, Mixologists, and the Pacific Northwest

Whiskey, Mixologists, and the Pacific Northwest

Presented by Renée Cebula, cocktail historian

American drinking traditions expanded west with the nation and changed along the way. The barkeep deserves a place alongside explorers and farmers in our western pantheon. Hear the stories about how what people drank and who served them changed as America expanded west.

This wide-ranging presentation will cover the rise of American whiskey and westward expansion, early drinking and distilling traditions in the Pacific Northwest, and the first “golden age” of American cocktails. Learn about how the golden age of cocktail culture intersected with the rise of western cities like Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma. We’ll also talk about the many functions of the 19th-century saloon, from workers’ ethnic enclaves to gentlemen’s retreats, and the controversies that arose around saloon culture.

About the Speaker:

Renée Cebula is a cocktail historian. A history educator for over 20 years, Cebula and her company, Raising the Bar, connects people to history through interactive cocktail-themed classes, writing, and unique shopping experiences. She has a regular column in Artisan Spirit magazine.

About Elks Temple History Pub

Elks Temple History Pub

These monthly, free events are open to everyone interested in Oregon, Washington and Pacific Northwest history. Co-sponsored by like-minded historical and civic organizations, we bring you experts, scholars, first-person experiencers and historians who expound on topics from Lewis and Clark to shipwrecks, hop growing to women pioneers and far, far beyond. It's like being back in the classroom - except this time you get to settle into comfortable seats and enjoy a drink or two with dinner while you listen and learn.

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