Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About The Lightweight Champs

The Lightweight Champs The Lightweight Champs are an indie power-pop trio out of Tacoma, WA. Their storyline songwriting and catchy hooks draw influence from bands such as Modern Baseball, Rozwell Kid, and Weezer. The Champs have toured both US coasts, most recently concluding a 3-month DIY tour across the country. They have been played on Seattle's 90.3 KEXP FM, North Seattle’s 107.3 KBFG FM, Auburn's 89.9 KGRG FM, and Tacoma's LASR radio. Their 2019 singles “Pieces of Trash” and “Delaware” as well as their 2018 first full-length album "Contenders" are available on all platforms.

About Midnight Movie

Midnight Movie I know sometimes I come on way too strong,” singer Evan Stewart concedes on Midnight Movie’s debut EP, Home by 9, before resolving, “I’ll try to work on it.” Bursting with raw sincerity and frenetic energy, the Seattle-based power-pop trio is bringing that admission to life with a raw performance to remedy the anxiety of being in a new social situation. For Midnight Movie, it’s all about making the small daily changes: drinking less, staying in more, and going to bed on time. Sure, they might not have it all figured out yet, but they’re doing their best and having some fun along the way. And that counts for something, right?

About Fix Music

Fix Music FIX is the debut project from Seattle based electronic/pop artist Emily Abrahamson. Her debut album, released September 27, 2019 on Killroom Records, features chill, trip-hop beats stacked with raw, introspective lyrics that hit you like a first kiss or a gnarly breakup. Each track has a unique sound -- from low, pounding bass to lighter, almost choral-like synths that, just like Abrahamson’s lyrics, create a familiar but comfortably different experience.

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