Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Motus

Motus “Motus is loud, soulful, jazzy, somewhat theatrical, and lighthearted. The whole sound went as perfectly together as chocolate, wine, and cheese. Smooth, rich, and indulgent.” -Caitlin Cohen, What’s Up Magazine “An eclectic, entertaining and enthralling gumbo of sound that puts you in the mind of a new aged more soulful ‘New York Voices.’ Each Song pulls you in with the intention to make you dance, cry, or think introspectively.” -Demetruest “Soulful and glorious, they breathe some new life into the local funk scene. Enjoy them and bring some good dancing shoes.” -Brent Cole, What’s Up Magazine


About DJ Max Gain

DJ Max Gain Funky fresh Dj mixing up fun uplifting jams from all over the world! A Texas transplant residing in Tacoma, brings some of the funkiest vibes to the dance floor from genres such as House, Funk, Breaks, Soul and Glitch-Hop.

About Take it to Space

Take it to Space TAKE IT TO SPACE will bring you a rich, bold, tasty organic blend of funk, soul, R&B, disco, dance and world music. Our tight and virtuosic musicianship and heavy riffage combined with our heavy dance-oriented sound will stimulate all 5 senses and get you on the dance floor. We are infectiously committed to high-quality live performances and sophisticated music making for your ear holes. Take It To Space has been delivering nothing but the goods to the funk faithful since day 1.

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