Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Shpilkis

Shpilkis Shpilkis! is Seattle’s 7-piece klezmer brass band bringing you old-school Yiddish grooves with tuchus-shaking energy. Shpilkis: a Yiddish word for “ants in your pants” or “nervous energy.” Our ancestors in the old country had it. You have it too. The only remedy is to dance. And dance, you will. We play bars, clubs, backyards, front yards, weddings, poly commitment ceremonies, b'nei mitzvot, and your child's bris. Or skip the snip, we'll play anyway.


About Shotgun Kitchen

Shotgun Kitchen Authentic Americana music from the urban fringe of The Great North West. Inspired by the music we've been playing around the kitchen table since we were kids, Shotgun Kitchen is a group of close friends who still write and play kitchen music.

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