Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Warren Dunes

Warren Dunes There is a sense of wonder and inspiration that pervades the music Julia, Jared, and Dominic make as Warren Dunes. They are happiest together on stage, moving and flowing as synchronous aspects of a greater whole. That grace and delight comes through in their recorded work, telegraphed transparently to the listener. A cohesive statement, unique yet instantly recognizable, Welcome To Warren Dunes slides seamlessly from delicate post-punk explorations to anthemic, sing-along pop built on a foundation of arena-worthy choruses. Since the release of Welcome To Warren Dunes, the band has toured nationally, performed an in-studio session at venerable bastion of independent music KEXP (who lauded the band’s “psych-tinged indie-pop, shimmering guitars, bouncy rhythms and soaring hooks,”) and release a wild video for album standout “Crosstown Villain”.

About Chris King and the Gutterballs

Chris King and the Gutterballs Chris King & the Gutterballs know the secret to creative success: that movement is key to progress. That, whether by gust of tornado-wind or rubber against the road, to push forward is all there is in a life buoyed and scarred by love. The band infuses this propelling urgency in all of its performances, to all of its songs. And it starts with King’s dynamic, uncorked-fire-hydrant of a voice. King, who began playing guitar at 15 in his local church, headed to Seattle in his 20s to find a music community. In just a few years, he amassed a band of players by his side and put the group to work. The band released three locally acclaimed records in the Emerald City and played significant festivals like Treefort (Boise, ID), Off-Beat (Reno, NV) and the Capitol Hill Block Party (Seattle, WA). In 2019, Chris King & the Gutterballs opened for the famed California crooning-rock band, The Growlers, and recorded their first in-studio at the acclaimed radio station, KEXP. In addition, the group was featured on Seattle Channel’s Art Zone with Nancy Guppy and 107.7 The End’s Locals Only radio show. And after a recent six-state tour, the band is poised for a 2020 repeat adventure. The road calls, after all, and feet want new sidewalks, songs want new rooms. And Chris King & the Gutterballs are ready to oblige.

About Modern Daze


Modern Daze Modern Daze is an indie-pop outfit from Tacoma, Washington formed in 2018. The lineup consists of Russel Groves (Keyboards), Matthew Lester (Bass/Guitar/Vocals), Travis McCulloch (Guitar), Taylor “Skooter” Murrey (Drums), and Zachary “Chief” White (Vocals/Guitar/Bass). Stylistically, Lester & Groves bring smoky elements of jazz, soul, and psychedelia while Murrey accentuates funky groves with a spicy Latin twist. Mix that with the post-punk influences of McCulloch & White, you end up with a main course dish of dream funk. Modern Daze released their self-titled debut EP in the summer of 2019 and is working on an LP set for 2020. The band is actively performing in the Pacific Northwest, becoming known for their catchy tunes and high energy shows.

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