Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About The Good Weird

The Good Weird The Good Weird represents the change in Rock music over the last decade. Equally inspired by tunesmiths such as The Strokes, Elliott Smith, and Frank Ocean, The Good Weird aims to fuse their love for punk-rock, psychedelic-rock, and R&B. Front-man, PJ Covello, leads the group with powerful vocals and spine tingling melodies. The singer/song-writer’s passion for Grunge and R&B is obvious the second you hear his voice. Eddie Cuevas, guitarist/song-writer, fills the gaps in within Covello’s songwriting. Cuevas specializes in heart wrenching guitar riffs and elegant song structures. The two song-writers have written and performed together since 2013. Cuevas and Covello met in high school via mutual friend, Logan Taylor. Covello and Taylor had formed a band with intentions of performing original songs, and were searching for their third member. Taylor recruited Cuevas on rhythm guitar and the trio recorded 5 demos with Taylor on drums. Shortly after the group formed, they had deemed themselves “The Good Weird” after Taylor suggested he thought their music sounded “Weird, but in a good way.” Nik Paulson eventually replaced Taylor on drums in 2014 after Taylor decided to leave the group. Covello, Cuevas, and Paulson played a round of live shows in an effort to solidify a live set and gain traction in the Seattle scene. After 4 or 5 shows, Paulson decided to take leave from the group and formed Save Bandit. The Good Weird laid low in 2015 and most of 2016 while Covello and Cuevas focused on writing and holding auditions for drummers and bassists. In November of 2016, The Good Weird released their debut project, “Multiverse”, a 6-song EP produced by Kevin Veatch. The group used their new EP to apply for MoPOP’s Sound Off! 2017, which landed them a spot in the local competition. The Good Weird recruited local drummer, Alix Daniel, through a Craigslist ad, as well as Covello’s friend, Silas Stokes, to play Bass. Out of over 200 contestants, The Good Weird managed to come in 4th place at MoPOP’s Sound Off!, earning them a spot in multiple festivals. The group was also invited to play at MoPOP’s 2017 Founder’s Award, honoring The Doors. Over the next two years, The Good Weird has gone through another change of band members, but has regrouped and is hitting the Seattle scene once more. Covello and Cuevas have written a new batch of songs that far out-way their previous EP, in an effort to challenge their technical abilities and creative instincts. The group aims to release their new music in early 2020 and begin a new era of live-shows, and creative content.

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