Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About somesurprises

somesurprises somesurprises is the moniker of Seattle singer/songwriter Natasha El-Sergany. What once was a solo project focusing on spectral balladry and late night exploration, somesurprises has since formed into a dynamic live band. Motorik beats, reverb-drenched vocals, washes of fingerpicked guitars, and hazy synths expand El-Sergany's delicate and blissful songwriting. Their self-titled debut LP was released in 2019 to great acclaim, earning praise from KEXP, Bandcamp, and the Seattle Times, who included the album in their best of 2019, having this to say: "Natasha El-Sergany is a master of tension. Throughout this mesmerizing batch of gauzy, lost-in-a-daydream paeans, somesurprises’ principal songwriter repeatedly throws listeners into the eye of delicately crafted psychedelic storms with impressive subtlety. Bathed in reverb, the unhurried songs on one of the year’s most engrossing albums build slowly and methodically, the payoff growing bigger with every ominous churn and eerie guitar and synth accent."

About State Parks

State Parks State Parks is a four piece rock outfit based out of Bellingham, WA. The group started off as a duo in a garage in 2018, and has since gone through a few incarnations. The group plays upbeat and silly love songs, songs about dealing with mental illness, and a little of everything in between. State Parks currently consists of Brendan Francis on guitar and vocals, Natasha McPhaden on bass and vocals, Aislinn Hendrix on drums, and most recently the group has added Nat Latos on synths and keys.

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