Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Moe Ribbs Blues Band

Moe Ribbs Blues Band Who, or, what is the Moe Ribbs Blues Band? Well, for starters, the band consists of five musicians who love to play Chicago blues – the music that came out of the Mississippi Delta, and took over Chicago in the 50s and 60s through musicians such as Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson and many others. First, we have Tacoma’s own Nick Nicholas. Nick is a well-known blues man with a powerful vocal style, and tasty guitar licks that make you want to get up off your seat. Our drummer is Will Bagby (aka The Jack Hammer). Rumored to be related to the late, great Jim Bagby, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in the '20s, Will can certainly bring the heat. In the words of Moe himself, "that boy sure knows his way around a drumstick... and I don't mean chicken!" Then there is Wade "Baby Otis Rush" Hickam. Wade is well known to blues fans in the area, having been lead guitar for the Night Train Blues Band for over ten years. Wade plays and sings the blues in the style of his guitar hero, Otis Rush, and coaxes a soulful sound out of his amp. Our bass player and singer, Ed Lynch, hits all the high and low notes as he takes your emotions for a ride, while keeping a rock-solid rhythm on bass. He and Will create a powerful pocket for the rest of us to play in. And me, well I am Little Richie Greenberg. I am not really that small, but Medium Sized Richard sounded lame. I've been blowing my harp since the 70s, and I love playing the blues. When you put us all together, we can lay down some blues so greasy you had better bring a bib!

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