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A Message from Mcmenamins to our Loyal Passporters

We never imagined closing our doors just in time for St. Patrick’s Day – or ever – and we’re sorry to have missed out on weeks of fun and Passporting with you, but we are glad to do our part in keeping everyone safe.
After much thought, we have suspended all Passport activity for the time being. This includes all* stamping, prizes and hunts. Your health and that of our employees is our priority, and eliminating Passport activities reduces touch points and interactions considerably, keeping us all safer.

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Something we can do for Passporters from a safe distance is offer you a discount during this time! Passport holders get 10% off to-go food orders (call-in only; not available with DoorDash or Postmates).
To get your discount*:

  • Have your Passport number available when you call in your order
  • Bring your Passport to show us at pickup
*Good on food only. Only one discount per order, good for the entire food order.
Many of you have expressed your well wishes and continued shopping at our online store, 23rd Avenue Bottle Shop and Edgefield’s curbside pickup – and those kind comments and deeds have gone a long way in keeping morale up during a very difficult time. Thank you for standing by us!
And now there are plenty more options to get your McMenamins fix! Visit this page to read about McMenamins to go, see what’s open and where to buy gift cards, spirits and more! (Insider tip: We’ve got this year’s Devils Bit!)
Here’s some information about Cosmic Tripster perks that have been affected by Stay at Home precautions:
Cosmic Tripster Party XII Postponed
Cosmic Tripster Party XII, originally scheduled for May 9 at the Crystal Ballroom, has been postponed to a yet-to-be-determined date and location. All eligible Tripsters will be emailed directly with more information as soon as we’re able to set a new date and location.
What’s happening to Tripster tickets for canceled or postponed shows?
For canceled shows, your Tripster tickets will be reinstated in the Portal to use for another show.
For postponed shows, we’re keeping your name on the list, and you will be notified by email of the new date.
Movie Tickets & Other Passporter Perks
All Passport prizes and perks are on hold. If you received movie tickets, hang onto them; they’ll still be good later this spring and beyond!
*23rd Avenue Bottle Shop had originally continued stamping, but in an effort to reduce interactions and touch points, we can no longer continue this practice. We are sorry for any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and support!

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Available at all McMenamins Pubs & Historic Hotels and Online
$35 each, one per person · 21 & over only

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Register your PassportLaunch your quest to fill your very own McMenamins Passport with stamps from all locations, and become a Cosmic Tripster! On your journey you'll visit your favorite pubs, all while discovering new ones. You’ll be granted prizes along the way, ranging from free tots, burgers and appetizers and goodies to exclusive Passport pint glasses, T-shirts, a growler and other merchandise. Every stamp you gather counts, so journey across the McMenamins land, and you’ll earn the grand prize for completion!

Our official, free McMenamins smartphone app has a "Passport Tracker" you can use in tandem with your paper Passport. Want to see where Purple Haze is on tap, or what time Jerry's Ice House Bar is open? There's our app for that! How about the number of stamps you've collected on the North/Northeast Portland page? Yup, it's there! The app gives real-time looks at locations near you and their open times and offerings, as well as a function for you to "stamp" locations and experiences you've completed.

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Passport FAQs

Getting Started

Q: What the devil is a McMenamins Passport?!
The McMenamins Passport is your way of keeping track of all the McMenamins locations that you visit--and our way of rewarding you for doing so! When you visit any McMenamins, ask your server for a stamp. The server will then ask you to find or engage with a piece of art or something unique about that spot. Once you complete your task, you’ll get that stamp! You can receive stamps just for visiting our locations and completing this task, but the stamping doesn't stop there! Click here for the full list of rules and details.
Q: Thirty-five bucks! Why do I have to buy a Passport? Shouldn't you just give it to me as a loyal fan?
Exclusive Passport T-shirts, custom growlers….you’ll be given these and so much more along the journey, just for collecting the location stamps – making it all worth the initial cost. Passports are sold at all our locations or online.
Q: Can I share a Passport with someone else?
No, each Passport and its unique number is assigned to an individual. This means your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors...will all have to get their own Passports, but can share in your journey by gallivanting together!
Q: Can I buy a Passport if I'm not 21?
No, Passports are only for those 21 and older. But it's a great thing to ask for as a present for your 21st birthday.
Q: Can I give a Passport as a gift?
Yes, you can give them as gifts, but the recipients must be 21 or older.
Q: Can I use the ‘Passport Tracker' within the McMenamins app to track my stamps instead of my printed Passport?
A: No, the handy gems in our app are to help you along the Passport journey, so keep ahold of your actual Passport to redeem prizes and gather actual stamps.

General Rules

Q: How long do I have to fill my Passport?
You can take as long as you want; the Passport doesn't expire. So whether it takes you two months or years...take whatever time you need to gather all the stamps to complete your Passport.
Q: Can I use 2 Passports at the same time?
No, only 1 Passport per person. When you finish one you can start another though. You need to become a Cosmic Tripster and have the completion stamp on the front cover from a McMenamins Hotel before you start that next Passport. Maybe do the next one in the order the locations opened!
Q: Can I help my friend/partner/spouse by getting their stamps because they couldn't make it to the pub?
No, only the owner of the Passport can receive stamps and prizes for that Passport.
Q: I'm a Cosmic Tripster--can I get a new Passport?
Yes! Just remember: when you begin gathering stamps in that second Passport, you can only use one Passport at a time, so that first Passport will need to be retired, just used to show your Tripster status. Also, you can only complete two Passports per year, so take your time and enjoy the Quest.
Q: What is the Passport Code of Conduct?
A: Please read up on the Code of Conduct here. It outlines our expectations and the agreements you are making by taking part in the Passport program.

McMenamins Portal

Q: What's this Portal I keep hearing about?
The McMenamins Portal is your one-stop Passport management center. You can register new Passports here and it will make the process of becoming a Cosmic Tripster sooooo much easier. Also, registering your Passport is the only way that you can receive a new Passport if you lose it.
Q: What else can I do with the Portal?
Once you become a Cosmic Tripster, you will use the Portal to claim your concert or movie tickets and book your Cosmic Tripster hotel stays.
Q: What happens if I do not register?
 That’s OK, however you will need to register at the hotel Front Desk when you become a Cosmic Tripster, and that time would be better spent celebrating your Quest!

Gathering Stamps

Q: Do I have to purchase anything to get a location stamp?
No purchase is necessary to receive a location stamp at the vast majority of our locations. Some event locations (movie theaters and some of our music venues including, Crystal Ballroom, Lola’s Room and Spanish Ballroom) require a ticket purchase to enter and get the stamp (free events offer the stamp too). If you do have to buy a ticket, you won’t have to do a task (see below) for the stamp. Note: we do offer daily tours at Crystal Ballroom, Lola’s Room and Spanish Ballroom as another option to get the stamp. Check the individual pages for details.
Q: These tasks or hunts at each location—do I need to take a photo, or how does that work?
 No, these tasks are meant to be simple ways of exploring the pub/small bar/what-have-you. Ask your server what the task is and they will tell you. Once you do the task, you’ll get the stamp. Simple as that.
Q: What if I go to a location and one of the bars are closed that I need to get a stamp from?
A: You'll have to come back when the particular bar is open. We recommend that you check ahead for hours of the small bars, especially if you're taking a trip just to get the stamps in your Passport. The small bars with limited hours are notated with an asterisk (*) on the actual Passport.
Q: What happens if you open a new pub before I'm done getting all my stamps?
You'll need to add the new location to your journey and get that stamp before you can complete your Passport. Please see this page for the list of new locations you may need.
Q: Do I have to get all the experience stamps to fill my Passport?
No. But we sure hope you try as many of them as you can. (Plus you get a $20 gift card for every 4 you do). See the "Experience Stamps & Beyond" section below for more information on these stamps.
Q: What if I've essentially been doing my own Passport and I already have a list of every McMenamins I've gone to?
That's awesome! And as much as we appreciate your patronage, we started fresh in order for our stampers (a.k.a. our many employees) to have a straightforward, official Passport to stamp based on your smiling face showing up in their location. So you'll have to purchase a Passport and start your journey again in order to receive the prizes. The road to the grand prize begins with one small step into a pub....
Q: Darn it, the dog ate my Passport! I dropped it in a puddle and it disintegrated! OK, so I lost it, what now?
 If you registered your Passport number online, we will replace it. Please see the Lost or Damaged Passport section for details.

Extra Steps designated by a Camera or Tix Icon

Q: What does the Camera icon mean? Camera
At all our hotel locations (as well as at Roseburg Station Pub and Lighthouse Pub), you'll have to take a photo to get your stamp. Head to the hotel front desk or ask your server what piece of artwork you need to find. Once you find the artwork, take a photo (selfie!) with you and the artwork and show your server or the hotel front desk staff to receive your stamp. This is similar to the process at all pubs, however you may need to solve a clue to find the artwork in question. 
Q: What does the Tix icon mean?Tix
: The ticket icon indicates that tickets are needed to get inside that location and get your stamp. Note: There are some free shows, tours and/or special events such as birthdays that do not require purchasing a ticket to get the stamp. These locations do not have a task associated with them for the stamp. Entry into the venue is enough for the stamp. Locations include: Crystal Ballroom, Lola’s Room, Elks Temple Spanish Ballroom, Bagdad Theater and Mission Theater.


Q: I gathered all the stamps on one page. Do I have to get my prize right now?
Nope! You don't have to redeem your prize on the spot when you get your final stamp in a Passport region.
Q: Ok, but now I do want my prize for finishing out a region. Can I get my prize at any McMenamins?
You can only redeem the prize at one of the locations listed within the page you've filled. For example, if you gather all the stamps on Page 8 for "Hawthorne Boulevard" locations, you'll need to claim your prize at one of those same 5 locations. Additionally, we ask that you please inform staff that you are claiming your Passport prize at the time that you order. Our staff will thank you!
Q: My prize says it's a "Burger of your choice" what qualifies as a burger?
If it's under the burger section on the menu or has burger in the name, it counts! The same goes for sandwiches and appetizers. These are available to-go as well.
Q: I love the exclusive Passport prizes, like the t-shirt from Roseburg or the custom growler; can I buy one for my friend?
These prizes are just for you, the Passport holders! While we don't sell any of these items, all one needs to do to get one is buy a Passport and start stamping.

Experience Stamps & Beyond

Q: What is an Experience stamp and how many Experience stamps are needed for an Experience prize?
When you participate in an Experience activity (defined in the Passport itself) you can receive a specific stamp. All Experiences are listed either in the Passport on pages 4, 5 and 6, or in the Passport Insert. Examples: Play a Game (shuffleboard, pinball, pool), Buy a Pint of McMenamins Hard Cider, Tour the Edgefield Winery, Stay the Night at a hotel, Relax with a Spa Treatment, and many more! For every 4 experiences completed, you earn a $20 gift card. The gift cards can be claimed at any location, but not all Experiences are available at all locations. Check here for details.
Q: Do I have to get all the Experience stamps to fill my Passport?
No. But we sure hope you try as many of them as you can. (Plus you get a $20 gift card for every 4 you do).
Q: For the Experience stamps, if I stay the night four nights in a row can I then get a $20 gift card?
Nope, only one stamp per Experience. But if you stay the night we're sure there are other Experience stamps you can get during your stay, so you may just earn that $20 gift card after all.
Q: Why are there blank pages in my Passport?
We have many "just for fun" stamps that you can collect along your journey. Wine month stamps, Ruby's Birthday stamps, and Irish Stout seasonal ale stamps are just a few stamps can pop up at any time. We will inform you of new stamp opportunities in our Passport emails (sign up here!) and on the McMenamins Passport Facebook page.
Q: What if I have a cool McMenamins experience and want a stamp?
A: This is why we developed the “Just-for-Fun” stamps for many of our events – so you can gather cool stamps in the back pages of your Passport showing you were there! There are no prizes affiliated with the gathering of just-for-fun stamps. This includes [but is not limited to]: Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn, McMenamins Brewfests, property birthdays, holiday events such as St. Patrick’s Day, and stamps received at the Cosmic Tripster parties.

The Passport "Insert"

Q: What is the Passport insert and is there a cost?
The Passport Insert is a separate set of 8 experience stamps (leading to two $20 gift cards!) which are not included in the main Passport. The cost of the Insert is $5.00. The Insert also comes with extra pages if you're running out of room collecting all those "just for fun" stamps.
Q: Can I only get the "Make Merry at McMenamins on Your Birthday" stamp on my actual birthday?
The stamp can only be received on your actual birthdate; bring your photo ID so we don't have to guess how old you are.
Q: I want to get my "Have a Pint with Your Pup" stamp. Can I get this at any McMenamins?
Not all locations are pet friendly; check our pet friendly page for a list of locations. Once you know where you're headed, just bring your living, breathing pet out for a pint and we'll give you the stamp. One stamp per pet per visit.

Grand Prize

Q: I did it! Now, where do I get my grand prize?
The grand prize and your final completion stamp deeming you a "Cosmic Tripster" are available at any of our historic hotels.
Q: Do I have to go to a hotel to get my last stamp?
Yes and no. You can get your last stamp at any location. However, to be officially done with your Passport and to get your grand prize and to start taking advantage of your year of happy hour drink prices, you have to get a completion stamp in your Passport. Those are only available at our hotels. Lucky for you, we have 12 hotels.
Q: Are there a limited number of grand prizes?
No. Every person who fills their Passport will get the grand prize--not bad for a $35 investment, eh?

Cosmic Tripsters

Q: I'm a Cosmic Tripster and get my drinks for happy hour prices. Can I buy drinks for my friends at this price, too?
No. The happy hour price only applies to you, even if you're nice enough to buy their drinks. But anyone in the group can make a toast! Additionally, we ask that you please inform staff that you are claiming your Cosmic Tripster happy hour discount at the time that you order. Our staff will thank you!
Q: Does the Cosmic Tripster Happy Hour pricing apply to flights? Or food?
 Yes to flights, no to food. As of January 1, 2019 all beverages on the Happy Hour menu are eligible for the Cosmic Tripster discount. However we are not able to extend the discount to food.
Q: Does my Cosmic Tripster happy hour discount extend to specialty cocktails?
 Maybe. The Cosmic Tripster happy hour discount only applies to beverages that are actually on the happy hour menu and regularly get discounted during that time. So if there is a cocktail on the happy hour menu, it gets the discount, otherwise no discount.
Q: I'm a Cosmic Tripster. How will I find out about the parties and exclusive fun stuff I can go to?
McMenamins will send you e-mails and post these announcements on our McMenamins Passport Facebook page (be sure to give it the ol' thumbs up "like" on Facebook).
Q: How do I get invited to the Cosmic Tripster Party?
When you officially become a Tripster, you (and you alone) qualify for attendance to one Tripster party. The party that you attend will be based upon your completion date. Please see this page for more info.

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Passport Rules

Each time you visit a different location, get a stamp and win prizes along the way. Once you've completed the quest, you'll be a bona fide Cosmic Tripster.

General Rules

  • ONE PASSPORT PER PERSON. No Exceptions. Two people cannot share a Passport.
  • One Passport in use at a time. Once you finish a Passport, become a Cosmic Tripster and have the completion stamp in one Passport, you may start another Passport. You can still get Experience Stamps in a completed Passport, however once you begin a new Passport, the old one must be retired, and used only to show Tripster status. Passports are always one at a time.
  • You must be 21 & over to use a Passport.
  • Passports are non-transferable.
  • The limit for Passport completions is 2 per person per calendar year. It’s still one Passport per person in use at a time.
  • McMenamins is not responsible for lost or damaged passports.
  • We created the Passport program with one objective: For all to have fun! We encourage you to enjoy your journey by looking around and enjoying each place you discover.
  • Please be patient when stamp gathering. Our staff work to accommodate Passport holders to the best of their ability at any given time. Swearing at and arguing with staff is not tolerated, and may be grounds for refusing stamps and for McMenamins to take further measures if deemed necessary by the Manager on Duty.
    **Failure to comply with these rules may result in the confiscation of your Passport**
  • Rules and prizes subject to change.
  • Have a question? See our Frequently Asked Questions section. Still have a question? Email

Getting Started

  • When you get your passport, make sure to fill out the first page with your name, email, signature and photo. If you do not have a photo you will need to show your valid photo I.D. when receiving a new stamp. Note: You must be 21 & older to use a Passport. The passport does not replace your I.D. You must have your I.D. to drink.
  • Register your passport with our McMenamins Portal. Registering your Passport creates your McMenamins Portal account.
What you need:
  • Your Passport number (located on the inside of the front cover of your Passport).
  • Your own email address. Two people cannot share an email address.
Why you should register:
  • We can only replace lost, stolen or mangled Passports that have been registered with McMenamins Portal. Once registered, you can request a replacement with the click of a button. (Note: we can only replace stamps you've already received by seeing them in a mangled Passport.)
  • After you have become a Cosmic Tripster, you will claim your concert tickets or movie tickets through your McMenamins Portal account.
  • Once you’re a Cosmic Tripster, you will book your free hotel stays through the McMenamins Portal.
  • The process of becoming a Cosmic Tripster will be easier and speedier if you’re registered prior to claiming your Grand Prize (you’ll have to register at the Front Desk if you don’t ahead of time).
  • To keep up with all the Passport happenings via our monthly Passport email (events, discounts, special stamps and more).

Gathering Stamps

  • When you visit any McMenamins, ask your server for a stamp.
  • The server will then ask you to find or engage with a piece of art or something unique about that spot. Once you complete your task, you’ll get that stamp!
  • You can receive stamps for visiting a location (pub, hotel, small bars) or when you complete different McMenamins' experiences (Examples: Attend a brewfest, Get a spa treatment).
  • Some stamps require an additional photo or may require you to purchase a ticket to a concert or movie. (This will be noted on the passport with a camera icon or ticket icon icon). Scroll down for additional details on these extra steps.
  • Many of our small bars and beverage producers (breweries, coffee roasters, etc.) have limited hours. Look for the " * " and check individual location sites or the McMenamins App for hours.
  • Stamps can only be received during normal business hours. No exceptions. Please plan ahead when traveling for stamps.

The McMenamins App & Passports:

  • The smartphone App is available for free in the Apple & GooglePlay stores
  • Use the App to see locations near you for gathering stamps, beers on tap, menus, music & much more!
  • The App is meant as a companion to the Passport, not a replacement
  • The App cannot be used to collect stamps & prizes, become a Cosmic Tripster or replace a lost Passport
  • More App information here


  • When you get all the stamps for each region, your server will confirm your stamps and award you a prize.
  • When you complete your passport page for a hotel, go to the front desk to receive your prize.
  • You don't have to redeem your prize on the spot when you get your final stamp in a Passport region. However, you can only redeem the prize at one of the locations listed within that region. For example, if you gather all the stamps on Page 8 for ‘Hawthorne Boulevard' locations, but don't want to sit and eat your free tots prize (or take them to go) at that time, just return to one of those same 5 locations when you're good and hungry for tots. Or, if you gather the 2 stamps on Page 20 for ‘Salem' and want to stop in another time to one of those 2 spots and enjoy eating the prize, by all means! (Just don't plan to gather the Salem prize in Corvallis, which is also on page 20). Once the white box below the grouping of locations is signed and dated by one of our servers, we'll know you've collected the prize.
  • When you've received all of the location stamps in your passport, you can redeem the grand prize at any McMenamins hotel. (Note: You can receive your last stamp at any location, but the final prize redemption is only available at a hotel.)
  • You must have a McMenamins Portal account and your Passport must be registered in order to redeem the grand prize.  Registering early, before you arrive at one of our hotels, will save time and make your Cosmic Tripster completion quicker and easier!
  • You do not need to do all experiences to complete your Passport.
  • You do not have to receive all of the prizes in each section to claim the Grand Prize; you can collect prizes when you are good and ready (or hungry).

Time Limit

  • There is no time limit or expiration date to complete your Passport.
  • If a new location opens before you complete your Passport, you will need to get those stamps in order to complete the passport. (See our New Locations page for details.)
  • The limit for Passport completions is 2 per person per calendar year.

Extra Steps designated by an Icon:

Photo Iconcamera icon
  • Hotels and a few pubs: In order to receive certain stamps, you will need to get a picture of yourself with a designated piece of artwork. The clue to the artwork will be posted at the front desk. Or if it's at a pub, just ask your server. The artwork will rotate.
  • You will receive your stamp when you show a photo of yourself with the specified piece of artwork.
  • This process is similar to the tasks at all other pubs, however the clue may take a little more sleuthing than the normal process.
TIX Iconticket icon
  • Movie Theaters/Concert Venues: In order to receive a stamp, you must purchase a ticket OR attend one of the (limited) free events at the venue. There will be designated bars inside the venue for you to get your passport stamp.
  • Keep your ears open! There are some free shows or special events such as birthdays which will not require you to purchase tickets to get in and get your stamp.  Check online for upcoming free events at these locations.  
  • Stamps for the Crystal Ballroom and Lola’s Room are also available when you see a show – ticketed or free – in either venue.
  • Locations with the Tix icon do not require an additional task to get the stamp.


How to receive your Grand Prize

1.Visit the hotel front desk at any of our hotel properties.
1A. You must have a McMenamins Portal account and your Passport must be registered in order to redeem the grand prize.  Registering early, before you arrive at one of our hotels, will save time and make your Cosmic Tripster completion quicker and easier!
1B. If you have not registered your Passport with McMenamins Portal, the front desk staff will have a handy-dandy iPad for you to sign up on the spot. 
2. Front desk staff will verify that there is an official stamp for each property. (Experience stamps are not necessary to complete the Passport.)
3. When all stamps are confirmed, the hotel front desk staff member will stamp the Passport with the designated "Final Completion" stamp and date-which signifies that you've become a Cosmic Tripster! You'll be given a Grand Prize Booklet containing your overnight stay certificates to redeem.
4. The front desk staff will then hit the magic Cosmic Tripster button in McMenamins Portal, which allows you to claim your concert or movie tickets, book your hotel stays and register another Passport if you’re ready to start again.
5. The final stamp will be on the inside front cover of the Passport. This is the key to getting your happy hour drink prices for the next year.
Have a question? Email
Note: Passport staff work Monday through Friday, daytime hours, so emails are answered during this time in the order in which they're received.

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Passport Prizes

You earn a world of prizes (valued at $200!) on your quest to fill your passport: 
Burgers · Tots · Appetizers · Gift Cards · Pint Glasses · Growlers · T-shirts & more

When you complete your passport, you’ll be awarded the Grand Prize, which includes:

  • Overnight Stays
    • Valid at any of McMenamins historic hotels for two people in a standard King, Queen or Double Twin room; not valid for suites, restrictions apply. The moment that you become a Cosmic Tripster, you will receive 2,700 Cosmic Tripster hotel points.
    • To make your hotel reservations:
      • Log in to your McMenamins Portal Account (link to:
      • Look for the banner titled: Cosmic Tripster Hotel Points
      • Under your listed points, click the blue ‘Book a Room’ button
      • Check availability by choosing your property, arrival and departure dates, and number of guests, then click Search.
      • **IMPORTANT** Once you see the Availability Calendar, click the ‘Show Tripster Only’ button on the left hand side to see availability for Tripster Rooms.
      • Scroll down and look for your desired room type.
      • All rooms are listed with the number of Cosmic Tripster Hotel Points required for booking.
      • Once you’re ready to book, click the ‘Select’ button that is next to the listed Cosmic Tripster Hotel Points.
      • You will need a valid credit card to hold the reservation.
      • 48-hour cancellation policy applies the same as any other reservation.
      • To cancel your room:
        • Click on Reservations at the top of your screen.
        • Select the hotel stay you’d like to cancel and click on the Cancel This Reservation button.
      • You can also call any hotel directly to make your Cosmic Tripster reservation(s).
    • Blackout dates include Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve and select three-day holiday weekends: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekends.
    • There are a limited number of Cosmic Tripster rooms per hotel, per night.
    • IF YOU HAVE A COSMIC TRIPSTER VOUCHER FROM BEFORE Jan 2, 2019, you have two options to redeem your stays.
      1. CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY and tell them you are using a Cosmic Tripster voucher. Your Tripster voucher must be presented at the time of check-in. Vouchers presented without notice may not be honored. Paper certificates are valid for two years from Passport date completion.
      2. TURN YOUR COSMIC TRIPSTER VOUCHERS INTO POINTS We can turn your paper vouchers into points! Just head to any McMenamins Hotel and bring your vouchers to trade in. Hand those vouchers over to the Front Desk staff and voila! You’ll have Cosmic Tripster Hotel Points to book your room online, with the added bonus that the points never expire.
    • Rooms based on availability. No upgrades. Not available with packages. Restrictions at certain hotels may apply.
    • Have a question or issue? Email
  • A pair of tickets
    • To a concert at the Crystal Ballroom, Lola's Room, White Eagle, Mission Theater or Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn (which are June-September every year). A limited number of Cosmic Tripster tickets are available per show. Tickets are General Admission; no upgrades.
    • Concert tickets are valid for one year from Passport date completion.
    • How do you get tickets? Login to McMenamins Portal and click on the 'Claim Tickets' button next to your completed Passport number. You will see a list of Available Concerts. Click the 'Enter' or 'Redeem' button (some concerts are drawings and some are first-come, first-serve). Note: Some concerts have reached Cosmic Tripster ticket capacity and are no longer eligible.  If this is the case, they will be marked as 'Closed' in the Portal.
    • Claimed concert tickets can be picked up the day of the show.
    • If you're not the concert-going type, you can opt for tickets to our movie theaters in lieu of concert tickets. They're good at any of our nine theaters, for any standard showing, with no expiration date.
    • To claim your theater tickets, login to McMenamins Portal and simply click the 'Claim Movie Tickets' button. We'll confirm your mailing address and send you a pair of tickets to be used at a movie of your choice.
    • Expect to receive them via snail mail within 2-3 weeks.
    • Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn: Here's how to request Cosmic Tripster tickets for any Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn: 
      • If you haven’t yet, sign up for McMenamins Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn announcement emails by filling in the “Join the List” boxes here: edgefieldconcerts.comNOTE: Various show promoters send Edgefield Concerts emails as well, but this one is the official McMenamins announcement email that is sent in advance of the presale and onsale concert dates.
      • Once you see a concert you'd like to attend, login to your McMenamins Portal and click on the 'Claim Tickets' button.
      • Click on the 'Enter' button next to the concert you're interested in and your name will be entered in to the drawing.
      • The drawing is held at noon on the day prior to the presale date
      • If there is no presale, the drawing will be held at noon on the day prior to the onsale date
      • Cosmic Tripsters who are chosen will be emailed directly with instructions on picking up tickets (NOTE: Tickets are non-exchangeable, non-refundable, and cannot be transferred to non-Tripsters.)???????
  • Drinks at happy hour prices, Sunday - Thursday
    • Valid for the first year after you've completed your Passport. Passport may not be used in place of legal I.D. (Food, pitchers, flights and taster trays not included. Happy hour specials vary from location to location; please consult the happy hour menu at a location and order directly from that menu, and inform the server of the discount. Must show Passport to redeem. Some blackout dates/locations apply, such as no discount at Edgefield during Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn.)
  • Exclusive Passport merchandise, 
    • to prove that you did it (including your handy-dandy Tripster Keychain)!
  • An invite to the next Cosmic Tripster Party
    • For every Passport completed in the proper timeframe, Cosmic Tripsters will receive an invitation to the next upcoming Cosmic Tripster Party. Invites are for the Passport holder only. Cosmic Tripster Parties are exclusive to those who have filled their Passports, so there's no +1. For example, the designated timeframe for the Kalama Harbor Lodge party was 12/1/17 through 3/5/18. That means that everyone who completed a Passport in that time period received an invitation to that party. However, anyone who completed multiple Passports in that timeframe still only received one party invitation, because all Passports were in the same timeframe
    • Additionally, parties can happen at any time so the timeframe for eligibility will vary based on the upcoming party date.
    • We announce the Cosmic Tripster party information via our Passport emails, so register here to get all the details first.
  • The Grand Prize is valued at nearly $500 - not including the happy hour prize because who knows how much that'll save you over a year?!

How to redeem your Grand Prize

  • Your Passport must be registered in order to redeem the Grand Prize and become a Cosmic Tripster. Registering early, before you arrive at one of our McMenamins Hotels, will save time and make it quicker for us to anoint you an official Cosmic Tripster!
  • Take your completed Passport to the front desk of one of McMenamins historic hotels.
  • Your Passport stamps will be confirmed and your prizes awarded. You'll be given a Grand Prize Booklet containing your overnight stay certificates and details about concert/movie tickets.

Note: Passport staff work Monday through Friday, daytime hours, so emails are answered during this time in the order in which they're received

Have a question? Email

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Passport Experiences

These are not required for completion of your Passport; all the "location" stamps are, though! Availability details below are subject to change.

Main Passport Experiences

See a Movie – We have 9 movie theaters, which show either first-run or recently-run movies.

Play a Game – Our pubs and properties have different combinations of billiards, shuffleboard, pinball machines and/or darts for your gaming enjoyment. See our full list of locations with games. Anyone who plays the game is eligible for the stamp, even if they are not paying bill or the game is free.

Tour the Coffee Roaster – Tours with one of our coffee roasting staffers are Sunday through Wednesday, 2 pm & 3 pm * No reservations required – All the coffee throughout McMenamins is roasted in small batches at a central location–a quaint space located at 421 NE Knott Street in Portland. Come see the roaster and beans from our partner farm in El Salvador that are stacked and used here.

Attend a McMenamins Brewfest – We offer several brewfests every year, all of which highlight our brewers' creativity and a variety of beer styles, Amber to Wit. Each one features live music, chats with our brewers and food specials as well. Visit our Brewfest page for full details.

Attend a McMenamins History Sponsored Event – Our history department develops these ongoing free presentations, which are lively, compelling talks where you'll learn more while enjoying a frosty pint or two of handcrafted ale and pub fare. You'll find a list of upcoming events here. We recently started giving out this stamp at more events, so look for the Passport stamp icon on the event listing.

Relax with a Spa Treatment – Ruby's Spas are known to cast a spell of contentment over all who enter. Both full-service locations, at Edgefield and Grand Lodge, offer indulgences ranging from hot stone massage to pedicures, facials to foot therapy. Spa guests are invited to dip in the heated soaking pools as well.

Soak in a Pool – Several of our locations have saltwater soaking pools for your enjoyment: Crystal Hotel, Edgefield, Anderson School, Kennedy School, Grand Lodge and Old St. Francis School. The last four are open for the general public to use for a fee. Otherwise, the pools are for hotel overnight guests and those with appointments at Ruby's Spas.

Stay the Night – We have twelve hotels in Oregon and Washington, each with their own whimsical amenities and the signature McMenamins artwork and restaurants. Locations, room descriptions, available dates and reservations are all available online.

Play Golf at Edgefield or Gearhart – Our two golf courses – Edgefield Pub Course in Troutdale, outside of Portland; and Gearhart Golf Links at the Oregon Coast offer gorgeous scenery. Edgefield is home to two par-3 courses that meander through the 74-acre property. Gearhart is an 18-hole public course. Both are open year-round.

Attend a Specialty Dinner – Depending on the season, we feature Scotch dinners, a dinner in our winery, progressive dinners, crab dinners, and more. All feature pairings of our spirits, wine or beer with custom, seasonal menus created by one of our chefs–what a feast!

Tour the Edgefield Winery – Tours are typically available at 3 pm, Monday through Friday (sorry no tours on weekends or major holidays).– Since it opened in 1990, the Edgefield Winery has ripened into one of the Northwest's leading wineries, with more than a dozen releases, and a much-visited cellar and tasting room. Take a short tour to learn more.

Tour the Distillery at Edgefield or Cornelius Pass Roadhouse –Tours are typically available at 2 pm daily at Edgefield and most weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (sorry no tours on major holidays). – Take a short tour of our first distillery, at Edgefield in Troutdale, Ore., to see how McMenamins spirits are made in this former vegetable storage area. Or visit the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery in Hillsboro, Ore., established recently but featuring a centuries-old still.

Tour one of our Breweries – Our brewers are busily brewing your favorite beers, but love to talk about their craft. Tours are typically available during the day, Monday-Friday at select times, which vary seasonally.  Contact the specific brewery if you're on a tight schedule and are hoping for a tour!

Try a Wine Flight, Try a Distillery Flight & Try a Beer Flight: Flights range in price and selection at our pubs, but are typically offered on our beverage menus and contain small taster glasses of both standard and seasonal selections. One flight order earns one stamp. Cheers!

Passport Insert Experiences

The Passport insert includes eight more experiences, which have the same payback of a $20 gift card for every 4 experiences completed. These experiences can be used in combination with the existing experiences on pages 4-6 and can be inserted into your current Passport. Note that you can't collect experiences in more than one Passport at a time. Inserts are available at all locations for $5, and include:

Buy a Pint of McMenamins Hard Cider – Traditional Apple or Seasonal, either one gets you the stamp!

Make Merry at McMenamins on Your Birthday – Bring your ID so we don't have to guess how old you are! Stamp is only available on the day of your birthday.

Buy a Growler Fill – Seasonals, standards, cider – we've got 'em on tap.

Sample the Beer at a Limited-Edition Beer Tasting – We host tastings year round.

Ride a Bike to the Pub – Take a selfie of you next to your bicycle, wearing your helmet, and show your server (sorry no motorcycles).

Buy a Bottle of McMenamins Spirits – We have 15 locations where bottles are sold. Only one stamp available per bottle sold. Bitters are not valid for the stamp.

Have a Pint with a Pup – Many of our pubs and hotels allow dogs. One dog earns one stamp. Living, breathing pets only.

Attend a Friends & Family Night – We support local causes with 50% of a pub's proceeds from a designated night donated to the beneficiary! Spend $10 in food and/or beverage and get the stamp – as well as feel good. Food and beverage purchase must take place during benefit hours.

Details above are always subject to change.... Have a question? Email

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Passport Just-for-Fun Stamps

Are you wondering about the blank pages in the back of your Passport, the ones that just say things like "Seasonal Beers" at the top? Those pages are reserved for the many just-for-fun stamps you can collect. So if you attend a location’s birthday party, or go to a Tripster party or a holiday celebration such as St. Patrick’s Day, or New Year’s Eve at the pubs, or order a seasonal beer, you can get the corresponding just-for-fun stamps--bragging rights are on the line!

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Passport Registration

Registering your Passport is an important step on your Quest to become a Cosmic Tripster. Register your passport with our McMenamins Portal., which will create your McMenamins Portal account. Is this your second, third or more Passport?  If so, you already have an account in our system! You can check here by entering your email address and clicking 'Submit'.  If it doesn't find your account then use the form below to create one.

What you need to register:

  • Your Passport number (located on the inside of the front cover of your Passport)
  • Your own email address. Two people cannot share an email address.

Why you should register:

  • Registering now will save you time later when you get that last stamp and go to your nearest McMenamins Hotel Front Desk to collect your Grand Prize.  Your Passport must be registered to complete the process and become a Cosmic Tripster.
  • Only registered Passports can be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.
  • You will use your registered account in the McMenamins Portal to redeem your free concert or movie tickets. 
  • Cosmic Tripsters who have completed a Passport within the last year but have not redeemed their free tickets will need to set up their account to claim their prize.
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