Thursday, December 12, 2019

The W Lovers

Gearhart Hotel - Livingstone's Room

7 - 10 pm


All ages welcome

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About The W Lovers


The W Lovers

Fleur and Wesley Wood have made their mark on the live music scene all over the American West, with more than 300 live shows since their inception in 2014. Based in Washington State and friends of the road, touring has taken them from Washington to Colorado and through New Mexico, California and Oregon over the summer months this year. They’ve also played internationally in Canada and New Zealand.

Successful fundraising goal of over 16K for our debut album met.
Recorded the album ‘live-in’ style in an organic wooden barn recording studio.
Opened the Main Stage at Chinook Fest September 2016.
Over 300 shows played in less than three years.
Four music videos released to accompany songs from the debut album.
Six music videos since May this year funded in part by fans through

The debut album release was held at the Sunset in Seattle on April 29th. The first single ‘Canyon Wind,’ was received well across radio, reaching as high as #6 on WPHS Michigan. It’s been picked up by many indie stations across the US for medium rotation and has been given good reviews on local media.

“The W Lovers serve up a respectable debut album.” - -Northwest Music Scene

“The strong debut release from The W Lovers is certainly the fruit of hard labor and big dreams.” - Innocent

"The W Lovers are the best new duo to step into the Seattle music scene." -

"This is music for a hammock near a river, with a cold lemonade on a hot day. This is music for driving alone in the middle of the night. This is music that's easy to listen to but hard to shake afterwards." - The Yakima Herald

"A cultured blend of alt country and Americana that rings of rustic small towns and makes the listener feel warm and at home." - The Portland Vanguard.

In 2011 Fleur Jack embarked on a US and Canadian solo tour from her homeland of New Zealand. Along the way … she fell in love!

Fast forwarding to the present finds Fleur now married to the man, Wesley Wood, who followed her from city to city back in 2011.

Their musical influences are diverse, ranging from Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to The Grateful Dead and The Beatles. Their songs are about love, road trips, moonshine, old towns and rodeos.

The W Lovers have been playing around Seattle and Portland growing their audience with every show and have recording and touring plans for the coming months.

Please check out the tour dates page to see when we're in your town.