Friday, September 18, 2020

Stephanie Strange and Tim Karplus
music at Bob's Bar

Grand Lodge - Pat's Corner

6 - 9 pm


21 and over

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Please sit at designated tables only and maintain social distance.

About Stephanie Strange

Gypsy, Storytelling, Soul

Stephanie Strange


Stephanie Strange has a problem. Her cat won't stop talking to her.

Neither will spiders, or trees, or ghosts. From the outside she looks like a normal gal, but she can't shake the voices that whisper stories in her ear from this world and beyond.


The spider outside of her house whispers the consequences of a world run by humans. Her cat skulks through her sleep, flipping her serious attitude and fighting nightmare demons. An unassuming goldfish wonders how she found herself on a rollercoaster...


A healthy dose of humor and sensuality weave through the haunting music of Strange & the Familiars. After all, if one is burdened with sharing the stories from beyond the veil, one must have a sense of humor about it.





About Tim Karplus

Tim Karplus

Tim Karplus Band was formed in 2010 by three college friends at Oregon State with an interest in innovative modern rock music. The lineup features guitarist/vocalist Tim Karplus, drummer Dave Schwarm, and bassist Jason Lusk. Since moving to Portland in 2011, the band have made their mark on the scene as the go-to group for smart, groovy, infectiously catchy music.