Saturday, November 14, 2020

Jack Maybe
music at Bob's Bar

Grand Lodge

6 - 9 pm


21 and over

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About Jack Maybe

Jack Maybe

Jack Maybe was forged in the fires of the American sound. The sirens of Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Bluegrass grew nearby and he was able to learn their tunes. Through the centuries, he found different beasts who were his kin, and together they began to sing the songs of the Old Monsters who roamed the earth before they. The monsters change form and ferocity, but the songs remain the same.

About Weekend Music in Bob's Bar

Weekend Music in Bob's Bar

Join us on Fridays and Saturdays to hear live performers! Sit back with a beer, a cocktail and a bite to toe-tapping tunes, just like the good old days - except please sit at designated tables only and maintain social distancing at all times.