Saturday, August 7, 2021

Danny Delegato 

with Malderine

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

6pm - 9pm

$5 cover fee

21 and over

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About Danny Delegato

Danny Delegato

Danny Delegato is the lead singer + song-writer of Portland native indie-pop group THE HUGS. Releasing several albums and consistently putting on electrifying performances across the US and UK for over a decade and a half. A native of Portland, Oregon. U.S.A Danny Delegato has been keeping his psychedelic cruise ship the Hugs afloat since 2007. A new version of the Hugs is readying a new LP out in early 2022, which carries on the tradition of making psych-pop with a smack of bubblegum



About with Malderine

with Malderine

Malderine is an American multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter - a one girl band with a knack for creating hauntingly poetic melodies. She collects musical instruments in order create her orchestra of strange, eclectic sounds. Her diverse multifarious musical style blends together many different influences from electronic, sonic, punk to cartoons, weirdness and outer space.