Wednesday, August 18, 2021


with Tanner Cundy

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

6pm - 9pm

$5 cover fee

21 and over

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At the time of the show, we will follow any COVID precautions in place at that time, which could include capacity limits, mask wearing, proof of vaccination or other safety measures. Additionally, Artists may require additional precautions for their shows.. In the event that shows are postponed or canceled, our website will be updated.

About Cellotronik

Cello, laptop & more


Skip vonKuske isn't famous, but he is constantly in demand. As a member of Portland Cello Project and Vagabond Opera, he has performed all over North America and Europe. As a member of Groovy Wallpaper, Will West & The Friendly Strangers, Rob Wynia's Triptych, and a go to studio musician he works constantly in the Rose City. His solo work as Cellotronik incorporates cello, mandolin, acoustic guitar, vocals, music apps, and programmed beats along with live looping to weave a highly textured sound that creates a base for his virtuosic soloing. You've never heard cello sound like this!


About Tanner Cundy

Tanner Cundy

When you happen across a Tanner Cundy show, you get the feeling from the moment he picks up his guitar that you're in for a unique experience - and you'd be spot-on, as the Cornish-born Cundy might say.

It wouldn't be out of place to assume that this guy has a novel approach to music; he's a self-described "hardcore lefty" who slings a right-handed guitar upside down, lays claim to having played a German bass lute on a pop record and has filled many a role for a wide variety of acts from Portland and beyond.   Check his journal and you'd come across entries like engineering a score for the 48 Hour Film Festival and fronting an Irish rock band.  Browse his setlist and you'd find gems from every decade - Floyd fans, those whose favorite band is The Band, even Tool aficionados would take note of familiar titles amongst the dozens of original tunes he's penned. 

This variety of experience gets blended on high to create some truly memorable sets, and it's clear that Cundy's time playing live with many local groups (Will West and the Friendly Strangers, The Druthers) has had the perfect seasoning effect.  If you enjoy a skillful, authentic performance, coupled with rapid-fire humour and a couple pints of local fare, then you would do well to catch the next Cundy performance.