Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About The Home Team

The Home Team The Home Team is a 5-piece pop-rock band with contagious, quick-paced tracks and melodic ballads alike, supported by a relentless DIY work ethic. Coming together in 2013, The Home Team quickly used their dedication and determination gained from years in the underground metal circuit to begin working on a debut release titled Black Sheep. The EP was released in March 2014 to critical acclaim, enough to send the band on the first of nine successful West Coast tours. Keeping the momentum gained from frequent touring, the band re-entered the studio in 2017 to record their first full length record with Casey Bates (Portugal. The Man, Pierce the Veil, Emarosa). The record, titled Better Off, was released in July of 2018 on Revival Recordings. The band has done multiple tours in support of its release, including dates opening for Don Broco. Staying true to their DIY roots and never staying idle, The Home Team are a high-energy, heartfelt pop-rock act that put their all into the music they make, sparing no effort to deliver it to fans and friends across the US.


About Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth Since forming in the summer of 2017, Crooked Teeth have made quite the leap from playing DIY collectives and skate shops to gracing the airwaves of alternative radio stations such as the world famous KROQ and supporting national tours for acoustic emo stalwarts, This Wild Life. The alternative rock duo, comprised of vocalist/bassist Tyson Evans and drummer Adam Galindo, offer a unique blend of hard hitting emo tinged rock with the decadence and undeniable catchiness of top 40 radio while still maintaining sincerity within their lyrics and overall approach to playing music. The guys just wrapped up two shows supporting Trophy Eyes and are currently working on their debut full length for Los Angeles' Blossöm Records. Crooked Teeth have released 3 singles this year that have landed placement on over half a dozen editorial Spotify playlists growing accumulative plays to 200k streams in just 4 months across all digital formats. In addition to the non stop rock, the band were also warmly welcomed into 2019's Taco Bell Feed The Beat class.

About Lovely Colours

Lovely Colours There is an exceedingly apparent energy and passion deeply embedded in pop-rock musical outfit Lovely Colours. This passion is what originally drove vocalist Devin Damito and bassist James Rosales to move more than 1,500 miles away from their homes in Juneau, Alaska to pursue music. Now hailing from Seattle, Washington and joined by guitarist Patrick May and drummer Skylar Faucett; Lovely Colours makes the music you wish you heard on the radio. The band’s debut release alludes to their unmistakably bubbly and dynamic sound. Armed with infectiously catchy hooks, downright jammy riffs there is no question of whether or not you’ll be dancing, it’s really just a matter of when. The quartet is relentless, refusing to waste a single moment. While on tracks like “Realize” and “Somewhere” they’re crafting vibrant and bold indie pop tunes with a snappy rock edge; “Just Like You” and “Back for Blood” suggest that the band does in fact have a darker, sultrier side. Despite this variance in mood from song to song, the band’s remarkable musicianship and knack for songwriting remains consistent throughout their debut release. Unfortunately, with only a handful of songs, we surely have more to look forward to from Lovely Colours. But the energy that runs through them- and all that Lovely Colours does, will undoubtedly leave you baited breath, the edge of your seat, ready for more.

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